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how to dispute credit report

Credit Records: How to File a Credit Bureau Dispute?

If you want to maintain a good reputation, there are things you must do to keep your respect intact. You must bear in mind that you are the one who is presenting your image to other people. Once you learned that there’s something wrong associated to you, you must do what you can to reverse it, and make things right again – especially, when it is about your inaccurate credit records that will negatively affect you and your name.

A credit report gives a detailed account of one’s credit history, and is provided by the credit bureau. It is also used by some lenders, to determine the creditworthiness of a particular loan applicant. The credit report includes personal data, summary of credit history, detailed account information and details of any accounts turned over to collection agencies; thus ensuring, that the person whom lending institutions entrust their money to, has the ability to pay and follow their rules and regulations.

If you found out that there is an incorrect or inaccurate item about your credit record, you must do something about it. You have the right to question the accuracy of the the credit bureau, as it is their responsibility for keeping and providing accurate information about you.

How are you going to file a dispute against them?

With Transunion Disputes, you have two options for your credit reports. You can go to the credit bureau or you can go directly with the business or creditor who have listed the information on your credit report; but before you do that, you need to have a working knowledge on how this should be done.

First, you must get a copy of your credit reports. Through the credit bureaus, you can access and secure a copy of your credit records. Check each credit reports carefully, to find out if there are errors or incorrect information. Make sure that you know which of the credit bureaus has provided you with the incorrect information.

When you found out that there’s an error, and have already identified the credit bureau that provided you with this information, you must inform the bureau about the errors or wrong information that is in your credit records. You can do it through sending a written letter that informs or tell them about the errors you have found out on your record. Moreover, your letter must clearly state or identify every item that you are disputing; explaining why you are disputing the information, and stating a request for it to be removed or corrected.

For an Experian Online Dispute, you should gather and provide documents that will help you in supporting your dispute. These documents will serve as your evidence (or proof) that a particular item or detail in your credit report, is not true; this is to strengthen your claim that there is really something wrong with your records. These documents must be sent (together with the letter of dispute) via email.

After you have emailed the letter of dispute, the credit bureau  will investigate the items in question, within 30 days. The credit bureau must send all of the relevant data of the disputed item, to the creditors & collection agencies – to seek confirmation of the accuracy of their data.

Once the creditors & collection agencies receives the notice of dispute from the credit bureau, they will start investigating. By the time the investigation has been completed, they will give the results back to the credit bureau; if the information they have provided is inaccurate, they must inform all of the credit bureaus in order for them to correct the information in your credit report.

After the investigation process, the credit reporting company will give you the results, in written letter. The credit reporting company will give you a written notice coming from the collection agency – along with their name, address and phone number. It will include the verdict as to whether the information was verified as accurate, as well as, if the item has been removed or modified, in some way.

If you also want a way of filing Equifax Disputes that will give you results faster and easier, you can have it all for you by a legal representative, online. By using this option, you will be notified via email and you will be given an access to the results of the investigation right away. Just make sure that you are using a representative from trusted website or company online – so as to avoid identity theft, or inaccurate results that may or may not change the errors in your credit record.

Credit bureaus and creditors both responsible in correcting incomplete or inaccurate details and information, about your credit records. They must accept any credit disputes against them, and investigate it as soon as possible. You don’t want your name to be put into jeopardy, because of some incorrect credit information about you.  If you know that something may destroy or may affect your reputation, don’t hesitate to take some actions that will make everything right.